Hi, welcome to GAC - Getallcodex. A blog which is made with love for YOU. This blog is about different tech tutorials, all codes (HTML, XML, Mobiles, ZIP, Postal etc). You will find all kind of codes and tutorials on Getallcodex, which is not only easy to understand but also to the point. Our mission is to provide the user with the best information he seeks. Which will be time-saving and productive also.
Hi, my name is Arsalan. I am a Blogger, YouTuber, and a Freelancer also. Professionally I am a Geologist. Currently working on my research work of BS. Hons. I am the internet lover. And love to spend many of my time on it.
Doing blogging is my passion, I just love it.Literally, I started it back in 2011.And got a full control in 2016.I had many failures also, but that's what which makes you learn and hence a successful person also.I am a learner, want to learn, to explore and want to know everything.


Actually, GAC was found back in July 2015 but became functional on 17, July 2017. An informative blog about all types of codes i.e Postal codes, ZIP codes, Cheat codes, Mobile codes, XML Codes, HTML Codes. 
You will get here very informative, times saving and productive tutorials also. It's very comfortable, easy and to the point, a platform to learn anything.