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Jazz sms packages
Jazz is one of the largest mobile operator company in Pakistan. The huge number of users for this network (50 million) shows its service excellence. Their investment of billion dollars in the installation of latest technology, for the better service, has no match. Their customer support service is super responsive 24/7.

Jazz has a huge roll in the social sector as well, their promotions for education, health, and sports is tremendous.It's been 20 years the Jazz is providing his services in Pakistan. In this short span of time, they have made a lot of progress and improvements as well.Currently, they are offering a number of different packages (voice, SMS, data).

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Note: - We make sure to keep this page up to date (UPDATED WEEKLY), as the packages can change anytime.

Jazz Prepaid SMS Bundles

The Prepaid SMS bundles are those, in which customer will have to pay before using the bundles.Which means at the time of subscription of these bundles the charges will be deducted from your phone credit automatically.

Jazz Daily SMS Bundle

Offer NameSMSPriceValidityActivation CodeDeactivation Code
SMS and WhatsApp Bundle 1500 SMS with 10 MB's RS. 5.981 Day*334#*334*4#
Daily Bundle1200RS. 4.771 Day*101*1*01#*101*4*01#

Jazz Post-Pay SMS Bundles

The Postpaid SMS bundles are those, in which customer will have to pay after using the bundles entire month.Which means that user will have to pay the bundle subscriptions charges after a month via bill or check.

Jazz Monthly Bundle

Offer NameBundlePriceValidityActivation Code
J 3001000 min's jazz, warid & 150 for others, 500MB's, 150 SMSRS. 300+Tax1 MonthDial 777 or 321
J 6002000 min's jazz, warid & 300 for others, 1000MB's, 300 SMSRS. 600+Tax1 MonthDial 777 or 321
J 9995000 min's jazz, warid & 500 for others, 2000MB's, 1000 SMSRS. 999+Tax1 MonthDial 777 or 321

J SMS Packages

Offer NameTotal SMSPriceValidityActivation Code
J SMS-1300RS. 301 MonthDial 777
J SMS-2600RS. 501 MonthDial 777
J SMS-36,000RS. 1501 MonthDial 777
2,000 SMS2,000RS. 50+Tax1 MonthDial 777


Using SMS for chatting with a friend, getting news alerts or important notifications whatever your need is jazz will provide you reasonable offers with a afford able price.

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