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Blogger vs. BlogSpot: is blogger the same as blogspot?

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Blogger or Blogspot is a free blog publishing service provided by Google. Blogger and Blogspot both are the same. Because the blogger is a free CMS (content management system) and Blogspot is a subdomain. Both are owned by Google. In other words, when a user creates a blog on a subdomain is automatically allotted to that user.

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Blogger is a free blog publishing tool that comes with free CMS and a free subdomain. But it also allows the user to attach a custom domain i.e So if someone wants to get rid of the subdomain ( then a custom domain ( can be bought. Google also provides paid domain names service.

Blogger allows 100 blogs per Google account. You can create your free blog by vising You need to login via your Gmail account. If you don’t already have it then you need to create it first.

Blogger was initially launched on August 23, 1999, by Pyra Labs. Afterward in February 2003, it was acquired by Google. The blog is written in Python language. It provides a Free registration service for everyone. Blogger is available in 60 languages.

Why Blogger?

Blogger is a great platform, especially for beginners. Because you can create a free blog without buying a hosting service. It also provides a free subdomain that can be upgraded with a custom one.

It comes with plenty of ready-made free templates and widgets. So you can use them for customization for your blog. It’s always difficult to get a start with no investment. But the blogger makes it possible by providing free blogging service.


Blogger or Blogspot has some limitations which are listed below.

  • Blog description – 500 characters max
  • Total Blogs – 100 per account
  • Labels per blog- 5000 per blog are allowed while 20 unique labels per post.
  • Number of Posts – There isn’t any limit however, 50 posts per day can be published (Can publish more after check verification).
  • Size of Pages – 1 MB size is allowed for individual pages. (Homepage or Archived Pages)
  • Number of Pages- No Limit for the number of pages for a blog.
  • Authors – 100 invitations per blog are allowed
  • Favicon- square image less than or equal to 100KB
  • Account suspension- Violation of terms of services can lead to permanent account suspension