How to Delete a Website From Google Analytics

You can delete a website from google analytics without deleting the entire account. Google Analytics allows us to have multiple properties under a single account. So, you can remove a website from google analytics accounts with few simple steps.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google. Launched on November 14, 2005, and currently owned by Urchin. Google Analytics tracks website traffic and provides comprehensive reports. The reports include page impressions, views, traffic source, browser type, and real-time stats.

In addition it requires registration before getting the insights of any website’s traffic. With its powerful and unique features Google Analytics became the world’s most popular web analytics service in 2019.

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Delete a website from Google Analytics

You can delete a website from google analytics by following these steps. But keep in mind that removing a site property from the account would not affect your account. As only the selected property will be deleted but not the entire account.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer written instructions, then continue reading.

Step 1. Firstly go to

Step 2. Locate “Admin” on the left sidebar and click on that

Step 3. Under Property column from the drop-down menu choose the domain you wish to delete

Step 4. Now click on Property Settings under the same property column

Step 5. On the next page click on Move to Trash Can

Step 6. Finally, click on Delete Property

The property will undergo the deletion process and will be completely removed after some time. So now you can go back to all website data to view other sites under your google analytics account. Because you can have multiple properties under a single google analytics account. You should be able to delete a website from Google Analytics account after following this tutorial.

Final Words

Google Analytics is one of the best analytics services on the internet. So, you can use it for your website to monitor the traffic and generate free insight reports. Google Analytics is a free service by Google and only requires registration.

Also you can use your existing Gmail account to log in or create a new account. If you don’t have a Gmail account then you need to create a new one. Overall the Google Analytics is the best and highly recommended. It has a plugin for WordPress also. You can use it along with Monster Insights plugin to view site stats on the WordPress dashboard.

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