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What is Exif Data and Exif Data Location

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EXIF means “Exchangeable image file format” and it’s a type of file format. It’s a standard that specifies the image formats, tags, sound and other useful details. These are automatically recorded by any digital device i.e camera, scanner or any other device which is used for imagery or sound recording. Exif data has various extended forms which include; TIFF, JPEG, WAV. Exif data location can be traced in image properties.

In more simple words we can say that all the digital photos contain some details about the image. This can be the location of the photo, camera information, tags, image dimensions, etc. These details are called Exif data. It can include the following details; Camera maker, Camera model, Exposure, ISO speed, Focal length Etc.

Exif Data location on Windows Computer

To view it on Windows computer follow these steps.

Step 1: Right-click on image and select properties.

exif data location

Step 2: Open details from the tab.

exif data location

Exif Data location on Mac computer

To view the it on Mac computer follow these steps. First Open the image then click on Tools. Now click on “show the inspector” and finally click on the Exif tab.

How to remove/erase Meta Data from an image/photo?

There are many ways to remove this data from a photo. Here we will discuss two ways one is manual and the other is using a software.

Step 1: Right-click on image then select properties.

exif data location

Step 2: Then open the details tab.

exif data location

Step 3: Click on “Remove Properties and Personal information”

remove meta data

Step 4: Now Click on “ Remove the following properties from the list” and then press OK.

remove metadata

Exif Data Remover

You can use software like “ Exif Eraser” which can help you remove the complete details more conveniently. You can simply select the directory of targeted images. Then the destination for images after the removal of details. This tool is free and also allows you to backup your images before making any changes.

EXIF Eraser
EXIF Eraser – Exif Data Remover