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Create QR Code for Google Business Reviews (2022)

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Customer reviews for Google My Business can help your business stand out. However, asking for reviews and making it easy for customers to leave a review can be challenging. Creating a QRr code for google business reviews can make this process super quick and easy. You can simply ask your customer to scan your business QR code and then leave a review.

How to get reviews on Google

  • Share a Short Link
  • Share Unique QR Code

How to create a QR code for google reviews

In this tutorial, I will explain how you can generate a QR code for google reviews. So, you can simply share a QR Code and receive your customer’s feedback quickly.

Step 1. First, create a short link for your business.

Computer: Sign in to your Google My Business account on the computer. Then click on the Home button located in the left menu. Now, look for the “Get more reviews” card on that page. Finally copy your short URL.

google reviews link
Google My Business Review Link
google review link
Google My Business Review Link

Mobile: Open Google My Business app. Tap Customer’s > Reviews. Now click “Share” in the top right. Finally copy your short URL.

Step 2. Create a QR Code for Google Reviews

Open QR Code Generator. Now click on “Link” and past your short URL copied in the previous step. Now press enter. A unique QR Code for your business will be generated. Click on the “Save” button and choose the required download format.

qr code for google reviews
QR Code for Google reviews

Step 3. Test your QR Code

Download a QR Code scanning app and check if your QR Code is working or not. Make sure not to be logged into your business google account when scanning.

Step 4. Share your QR Code for Google Reviews

Finally, you can get a print of your QR code and past it on your shop. Also share it digitally with customers.

Best Practices ✅

  • Verify your Google My Business profile through all channels
  • Ask your customers for reviews. (Share a short link or a QR Code)
  • Respond to your customer’s reviews to make them feel special and increase engagement.
  • Keep updating your business data.

Bad Practices ❌

  • Never offer incentives or prizes for leaving positive reviews
  • Adding misinformation
  • Not updating business profile regularly

Google reviews are one of googles algorithms signals for ranking. So, a business with more reviews than its competitor will automatically rank higher. Although having more positive ratings than your competitor is necessary. Otherwise, a business with fewer reviews but a more positive rating will outrank you.

However, having all reviews positive makes it look more fake. So, having genuine reviews which will be a mix of both positive and negatives will make your business real.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a QR code for a Google review?

It’s simple to create a QR code for google reviews. First go to your GMB dashboard then look for Get more reviews > share review form and copy the short URL. Visit QRGENERATOR.ORG and past your URL in link field.

Does Google have a QR code generator?

Yes! Simply right click on any web page or element of that web page. Finally click “Create QR code for this page”.

How do I know if a QR code is legit?

You need to use a build in mobile scanner. Or download a QR Code scanner app.

Are QR codes free?

Yes 100% Free. Qrgenerator.org is free QR code generator that is secure and customizable.

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