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iPhone Editing Hack – Step by step tutorial

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In this tutorial you will learn what is the iPhone editing hack and how to do it step by step. iPhone photo editing hack was went viral on tiktok once a user posted a short video clip of her photo editing. The photo edited by user looked like sun kissed photo. Also this hack can be executed through iPhone default photo editor without any extra app. However android users can do this hack via VSCO editor or Lightroom app.

What is the iPhone editing hack?

A simple photo editing technique in which iPhones default photo editor is used to edit a photo and make it look like sun kissed.

How to do iPhone editing hack?

iPhone editing hack is very simple and can be done by everyone. Just follow the step by step guide given below.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer written instructions, then continue reading.

Step 1. Choose a photo

Make sure to take and select a good light photo.

Step 2. Open the image

Open the image then click “Edit” button located on top right corner of the photo.

Step 3. Apply Settings

Start applying the following values given below. Also make sure to follow the same order.

  • Exposure +100
  • Brilliance +100
  • Highlights -35
  • Shadows -28
  • Contrast -30
  • Brightness -15
  • Black point +10
  • Saturation +10
  • Vibrancy +8
  • Warmth +10
  • Tint +39
  • Sharpness +14
  • Vignette +23

Step 4. Final Step

Reduce brilliance and exposure to 0 or minimum.