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How to Download JW Player Videos in 2020

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JW Player is an open-source framework video player. It’s one of the fastest HTML 5 video players. Buffer free video streaming gives an amazing viewing experience. Also, it has some great features which make it stand out from the rest. But does not have any option to download videos from JW player.

Firstly, it claims to be the fastest HTML5 video player on the internet. It also allows creating a video gallery, 360 degrees and VR video streaming and video analytics.

Because there aren’t too many flexible options to download videos from JW player. So, it can be quite hard to download a video from JW Player. But today we will show you how you can download your favorite video from JW player.

Download JW player videos

There are two methods for JW player to download videos. So, to download videos from JW player you can use the Chrome browser build-in “Inspect tool” or a free download manager. Therefore, we will discuss these two methods in this tutorial.

These following two methods to download JW player videos works in all major browsers. But please keep in mind that this tutorial is for educational purpose only. So don’t use it to infringe the copyrights of any video owner.

Video Tutorial


If you prefer written instructions, then continue reading.

Method #1: Browser Inspect Tool

This method is applicable for not only the Chrome browser but any other browser also. Because most of the browsers have built-in developer tools like “inspect elements” tool. So in this method, we will be using the Chrome browser inspect tool to download JW player videos.

Step #1:  Open the video in your browser which you want to download

Step #2: Right-click anywhere on the JW video player page

Step #3: Now select “Inspect” from the window

jw player download video

Step #4: A new window will be popped up just beside the video player

Step#5: Select “Network” > “Media”> and play the video for few seconds. You will notice a “URL” under the media tab. Open that link in the new tab.

jw player download videos

Step#6: This video will be loaded in the browser’s new tab. Click the three dots located on the right bottom of the video player and click download video

jw player download chrome

Step#7: JW player video will be downloaded

Method #2: Using Internet Download Manager (IDM)

This method works for all major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, IE etc. But you need to download and install the internet download manager (IDM). IDM extension will be added automatically into the browser. This extension automatically detects the video on any web page.

Step #1: Firstly download the internet download manager

jw player video downloader

Step #2: After downloading and installation of IDM a chrome extension will be added automatically

Step #3: Make sure it’s active inside the browser by going to “chrome://extensions/” in the chrome search bar

Step #4: Now load the JW Player video page to download the video and play the video.

Step #5: After a few seconds you will notice a small window beside the JW Player.

jw player downloader

Step #6: Click on “Download this video”.

Step #7: Finally click “start download” to download the JW player video.


The above tutorial is for educational purpose. You may download the videos for personal use only and don’t re-upload them elsewhere. Also, you can take prior permission from the video owner.