List of All Hotels in Muzaffarabad AJK: Rates, Reviews and Contact Details

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Are you traveling to Kashmir? If Yes then you should just book a hotel for you before visiting. But this can be a tuff task without having appropriate knowledge about the hotels their locations and contact details. Set back and relax this guide will help you find all the hotels (Guest Houses) in Azad Kashmir their contact, rent, and service quality details. Doesn’t matter where you are in Kashmir you can find the appropriate hotel which best suits you.

This guide has been divided into two categories i.e. A category and B category. The hotel which comes under A category has more than 5000/- PKR one day expense, whereas the hotels which come under B category has less than 5000/- PKR one day expense.

Category A Hotels in Azad Kashmir 

Hotel Name Phone#
PC Hotel Muzaffarabad 05822-438000-16
Mir Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad 05822-432263-64
Sangam Hotel Muzaffarabad 05822-444194
Chakar Highland Guest House 0331-9443999
Sharda Highland Hotel 0355-6604901
State Continental Hotel Muzaffarabd 0300-8304239
Royal Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad 05822-446115
Neelum View Hotel Muzaffarabad 05822-444733
State Continental Guest House Kutton 05821-439476
Guest House Keraan Neelum 05821-920106
Snow Guest House Sharda 05821-432435

Category B Hotel in Azad Kashmir

Hotel Name Phone#
Akbar International Muzaffarabad 05822-448428-9
Taj Mahal Hotel Muzaffarabad 05822-443999
Valley Trackers 05822-434997
Abba Seen Lajiz Guest House 0300-9899064
Bolan Shanwari Saltish 0333-5131115
River In Guest House 0355-7601612
Hotel Neelum Green Land Keraan 05821-450420
Pumposh Guest House Dood-an-Yaal 0355-8149985
Rest House Taobutt 0355-6906034
Neelum Hotel Kundaal Shahi 0582-455148
Paradise Guest House Sharda 0301-5620378
Hotel Valley View Patika 05822-426009
Rest House Sharda 0355-6906034