ow to open .zip and .rar files

.RAR or .ZIP Files – How to Extract Them

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RAR stands for the “Roshal Archive file format” named after the software engineer who created this file format. This file format was created by a Russian software engineer named Eugene Roshal in 1995.

What is a RAR file?

It is a file format that contains multiple files or folders inside it. But unlike a normal folder, you can not open this file without the help of uncompressing software like WinRar.

There are some other similar file formats which works same like .rar file. These includes Zip, tar, 7z, Cabinet, LHA, ARJ, and ACE. These file formats help to pack multiple files either images, audio, video, software, etc into a single file. By doing so its much easier to manage multiple files at a time.

What is a ZIP file?

ZIP is a file format that contains multiple files or folders inside a single ZIP file. These zipped or compressed files can be extracted or opened using an Unzipping Utility.

How to open RAR files on windows?

To extract or open a .rar file you can download this software called WinRar. After downloading and installation simply head over to the compressed or .rar file. Right-click on the file and then select “Extract Files” or “Extract Here”.

Download WinRar

How to open RAR files on windows

How to open RAR files on mac?

To open or extract the .rar or zip file simply download this software called The Unarchiver. After you download and install this utility. First, select the file you want to extract or open. Then click on File > Unarchive to Desktop or any location you want.

Download The Unarchive

extract RAR files on mac

A window will pop up select the file inside that window and finally click Unarchive.

open zip file on mac

How to Open a .Zip File Without WinZip?

Windows and Mac have built-in utilities that help to extract the zipped or rar files without using any software.

On Windows

Double-click on the zipped file. The ZIP file will be opened in a File Explorer window. The Extract button will appear on the top of the window inside the windows toolbar. Click on Extract. Then click on Extract all. By doing so a window will popup. Finally, click on Extract again.

On Mac

Double-click on the ZIP file. The zipped file will be automatically unzipped or extracted.

RAR file opener online

Open RAR files online using the following online free services. You can simply upload any compressed file online. These online services will automatically Uncompressed the zipped folder.