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How To Remove Sora Templates Credit Link

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Sora templates free version has a copyright text in the footer linked as sora credits. To remove sora templates credit link we can add a snippet in theme editor. Because if you try to edit or remove the sora templates credit then it will trigger the redirection.

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But if you use the code mentioned in this tutorial then you can remove and customize the footer credits. If you want to remove sora templates credit links without redirection then follow this tutorial step by step.

Step 1. First, backup your template.

In legacy blogger, go to Theme > Backup/Restore > Download Theme. While in new blogger go to Theme > Click 3 dots > Backup.

Step 2. Open theme HTML Editor.

In legacy blogger, go to Theme > Edit HTML. While in new blogger go to Theme > Click 3 dots > Edit HTML.

Step 3. Search for copyright text.

Now click inside the HTML editor and press “ctrl+F” on your keyboard. A small search bar will pop up. Search for the following text “Created by” and hit enter.

how to remove templatesyard footer

Tip: Look at the footer of your site. The footer text will look like this “Created by Sora Templates” or maybe different. You should search that text in an HTML editor.

Step 4. Adding the code to remove sora templates credits

After you found the copyright text as discussed in previous step then look for the following part of the code.

<div class='jugas_footer_copyright'>


<div class='copyright-area'>

Now copy and past the following code just above one of the codes mentioned above.

<p style =' text - align:left;'>Copyright &#169; 2018 - <script>document.write(new Date().getFullYear())</script><a href=''  style='color:#fff;'> | Your Website Name</a> </p>
<div class = 'remove-footer' style = 'font-size: 1px; opacity: 0;'>
how to remove sora templates credit link

In the above code replace “” with your website URL. Also write your site name in place of “Your Website Name”.

Don’t forget to add a closing tag </div> at the end of copyright text of sora templates.

Step 5. Finally save the template.

After adding the code in right place hot save theme button. So, finally by using this trick we can not only remove sora templates credit link but also use this technique for other blogger template authors like templatesyard etc.