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Safest QR Code Generator 2023 (Free)

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The use of Qr code has evolved dramatically in recent past years. So, as the number of tools to generate a QR code. But most of them save your data for marketing purposes. However, there are a few safest QR code generator available also. So, today I am going to share one of the safest QR code generators.

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Safest QR Code Generator

Qr generator is one of the most powerful, safest, simple, and yet free tools to generate QR codes. It’s safe because it does not store any of your data. Having no database is the reason. It’s a free open source code for QR codes.

What is QRGenerator.Org?

QRGenerator.Org is a free QR code generator. You can generate unlimited QR codes. Also, it’s highly customizable. As you can add a logo to the QR code, custom colors, and custom frames.


Qr generator is loaded with several unique features like a custom color, logo, watermark, location coordinates, PayPal checkout, bitcoin, etc. Some of its functions are listed below.

  • Link
  • Text
  • Email
  • Location
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WIFI
  • V-card
  • Event
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

Is QRGenerator.Org Safe?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and free. It’s safe because it does not have any database.

Does QR Generator Save My Data?

Most of the QR codes generators will save your data for marketing purposes. Once you enter your information and generate a QR code. All the info automatically gets stored in the database.

However, QRGenerator.Org does not save any of your information. Once the QR Code is generated. All the data Is discarded immediately.

How to Generate a QR Code?

Go to and then select your required data type. E.g a link, zoom id, etc Then provide the required data and press enter. finally, click on the Save button and download in your desired format. You can also make customization to your QR code such as colors, custom watermark, logo, etc.