How to Screen Record on iPhone 7 Plus with Sound

Do you know that you can screen record on your iPhone without using any third-party software? Yes, it’s you can screen record your iPhone screen. So, the iPhone allows you to screen record on iPhone 7 plus with sound and without sound also. That means along with internal audio you can also capture the external audio.

iPhone screen recorder is a build-in program. That allows you to record anything on your screen. So, it a great feature that can help your capture your favorite video from the internet or for showing a demo. Also, you can use this for recording a gaming video, making a tutorial, indicating a bug or anything else.

So today in this tutorial you will learn how to screen record your iPhone 7 Plus. Also, how to screen record on iPhone 7 Plus with sound and without sound also.

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How to screen record iPhone 7 plus

By default, the screen recording option is not enabled and you need to enable it manually. Firstly, let’s enable the screen recorder on iPhone. Also, see how you can screen record iPhone 7 plus.

Step #1: Go to Settings

Step #2: Scroll down to find Control Center option and tap on it

Step #3: On the next page tap on Customize Controls

Step #4: Scroll down and look for Screen Recording option

Step #5: The screen recording will be enabled

Step #6: Swipe up to see the screen recording button located in the control center

Step #7: To start screen recording simply tap the recording button

The screen recording will begin on the countdown of 3. Also, to stop recording you can swipe up again and tap the same recording button. The screen recording will be stopped, and the recorded video will save in the iPhone gallery.

Screen record on iPhone 7 plus with sound

You can screen record on iPhone 7 plus with sound and without sound also. So, basically by default, the iPhone will record everything on your screen with internal sound. But if you also want to capture the external sound you need to enable the Microphone.

Step #1: Swipe up at the bottom of your iPhone screen to open the control center

Step #2: Now long-press the screen recording button

Step #3: A mini window will pop up with many options including microphone

Step #4: To record the external sound on iPhone tap the Microphone button

Step #5: Microphone button will become red and turned on

So now you can also record the external sound with the help of the iPhone microphone. Finally, make sure to choose a quiet place for recording the screen. Because the external sound will be recorded also.

Note: Everything on your screen including the notifications will be recorded during the screen recording. So, enable the Do Not Disturb mode before starting the screen recording. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Do Not Disturb then scroll down and select Silence: Always.

Screen record on iPhone 7 plus without sound

You can also screen record on iPhone 7 plus with no sound. But keep in mind that the internal sound will be still recorded. Only the external sound can be disabled or enabled. To screen record without sound follow these steps.

Step #1: Open the control center by swiping up at the bottom of the iPhone screen

Step #2: Tap and long-press the screen recording button

Step #3: From mini window tap on the microphone to turn it off

Step #4: Now you can start screen recording without sound

There are some screen recording apps available for the iPhone. Because the apps gives you more control as compare to the default screen recorder. So you can download an app like Record it! screen recorder for more controls.

If this tutorial was helpful then please let us know by comments. Also, you can provide us your feedback for improvements.

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